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I wonder how different

all the versions of myself are

that live in the minds of other people, 

wonder how I measure

in the eyes of each acquaintance,

passing stranger,


almost friend,

I have ever known. 

I read somewhere 

that no matter what you do, 

you will always be plagued 

by those who hate you,

spite you,

resent you,

unconsequently suffocate you

with back-handed comments 

that leave your throat dry. 

What the article didn’t mention

was the amount of people 

who will appreciate your tenderness,

your raw and bleeding heart,

your stupid puns, 

your inability to dance 

with an insistence of doing it anyways;

they will see you as so much more

than your bedroom mirror. 

I wonder how different 

all the versions of myself are

that live in the minds of other people,

and I wonder if there’s any

 I would like. 

– remarks 


A Reminder

Our strengths
are often weaknesses in disguise;
there is such a thing
as caring too much.
And yet
our weaknesses
are often strengths in disguise;
there is such a thing
as being beautifully broken.

How to be a Wanderlust

I tend to hear similar responses from people when I tell them about my travelling:

“Wow! You’re so lucky!”

“I wish I could do that!”

“You’re really living the dream life!”



You… you realize this can be you… right?

I don’t have these opportunities to travel and work around the world just land in my lap. Luck has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. I work hard and I do my research to figure out the most economically friendly ways for me to travel. I work hard to afford flights and travel necessities. I work hard so I can spend my life doing what I love.

“It’s not that easy.”

“No one has that kind of time.”

“Who’s got the money for all of that?”

You don’t understand: it really is as simple as making the decision to go somewhere and figuring out how to do it.


Sure, it’s going to be time-consuming, so you need to learn how to plan ahead. Me? I have my next several trips planned at least vaguely so I know not to make any long-term commitments I know I can’t keep, such as getting a full-time job.

Another thing people never seem to consider is the fact that people CAN work from different destinations. Look for job openings in Moscow or Rio or Zurich if North America just isn’t doing it for you. Look for volunteer opportunities in sunny, tropical climates. Look for mountain climbing lessons in the Himalayas. JUST TRY!

As for the money…

Okay, I get it. Most people can’t just drop everything and go on a $2,000 flight to Australia, but that’s why planning ahead is so important. I saved up for two years in order to afford my Thailand volunteer trip, winning $1,500 worth of bursaries and scholarships as well as holding down two different jobs and selling crafts to help raise the money I needed. YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO COMMIT AND WORK AT IT.

That being said, don’t you dare bitch and complain to me that you can’t go even though you “so very much want to go, oh golly”.

Stop it.

If you really wanted to go, you would find a way.



Flowers in Her Hair

She was born of mist and summertime,
Of longing, and of nectar and honey,
Of the worldly wonders that beckoned
Her toddler’s gaze
To golden horizons
That spread in front of her like her favourite bedtime story.
She was born of turquoise and topaz,
And she knew nothing of their worth
Only that they were of the Earth from which she came,
Emerged forth from like Venus,
Ready to tangle herself
In the lines etched on every map’s corner.
Her innocence and lasting grace
Painted life in her bare footprints
She placed in the grass
That marched forward into eternity,
Into unknown love and lust
And loss.
She treaded fingers over melodies
And learned how to tell stories
Of entire universes
Without saying a word,
Conversing only with fellow wanderlusts
And Flower Children.