Dream You

I dreamed of you again

last night

your distant shadowland

hovered upon my silhouette

long enough to leave

a distinct impression

on the cold bedsheets.

It’s been years

yet the curve of your jaw

still holds my memory

the curl in your hair

is still my favourite shape

and the edges of your tongue

are still familiar weapons.

My dream you

had a dream her:

her eyes still unforgiving

full of pity

like your smile

with arms that intertwine yours

and lips pressed closely

to the ear I used to kiss.

When I woke

I felt a familiar ache

under my rib cage

but this time

I also felt a little lighter.


Transparent Emotions

When she is sorrowful
the skies cloud around her eyelids
and her face closes
like shutters.
When she is angry
her skin flushes
vibrant, rich crimson,
the colour of vicious sunsets
and boiled blood.

But oh, when she is happy
she puts the stars to shame
with the brightness of her smile
and none have ever composed
a sweeter melody
than her laugh.