Zootopia – film review

As promised in my last post, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – film review, I am continuing with my film and novel reviews. Check out my last post, if you haven’t already, for some context.

I saw Zootopia yesterday, which was great because a) I love kiddie movies and b) I had 1000 Scene points, so I got to see it for free. Here’s the verdict:

Plot – 8.5/10

For once in a Disney movie, I didn’t suspect who the surprise villain was (okay, I didn’t suspect Hans from Frozen either) but unfortunately, my date to the movies did. It did have that whole “Disney happy ending” that we all know and love, but it was a bit tired. The last five seconds make up for it though in my opinion.

The story was also more complicated than the classic Disney films are (i.e. princess gets saved from horrible thing and marries prince). The conspiracy that transpires is one that left some of the kids in the theatre looking very confused. I heard one little girl asking her mom, “What happened?” after the film.

The writing was also amazing. For fellow Frozen fans, there’s a reference to a certain character hidden in Zootopia, so watch out for it! And for all of the adults out there taking your little ones (or just seeing it because it’s great) there’s also a hidden Breaking Bad reference. Not telling you when.

Characters – 9/10

The characters develop the way you’d expect them to in a Disney film:

Judy Hopps, first ever bunny police officer, realizes that her prejudices are wrong and becomes a better person (bunny?) for it.

Nick Wilde, sly and clever fox, realizes that it’s not okay to fit into your prejudice for the sake of “going with the flow” and he stops being a hustler and becomes a better person (fox?) for it.

No complaint here about that. All of the background and secondary characters were well-developed too. I particularly liked Peter Moosebridge, TV anchor (fellow Canadians should know why).

Cinematography – 10/10

Oh my God, this movie reminds me why I absolutely LOVE Disney animators. I know Disney Pixar’s Inside Out won the Academy Award for Best Animated Picture, but if Zootopia had been released last year, I would have openly protested that decision.

At one point, the two main characters were leaning on a metal pole. On that pole, I was able to see scratches and scuff marks. It looked amazingly realistic.

The city’s animation is beyond beautiful as well. I especially liked the Rainforest District.

Soundtrack – 6/10

This is it: the only category in this movie that struggles. Shakira has her own cameo in this movie and she, unfortunately, supplies the soundtrack for the film. I say “unfortunately” because I’ve never been a fan, but if you are then this is the movie for you!

Acting – 10/10

Voice actors are actors too! But I may just be a little bit biased because I love Ginnifer Goodwin.

Realism – 10/10

It was scary to see exactly how easily this could happen in real life. This movie is definitely a statement about the prejudice against POC in first world countries. It was almost like the villain could have been played by Trump.

Even the wording was so… realistic. I mean, as realistic as can be about a movie about a bunch of animals living in harmony apparently all magically vegetarian.

Overall experience – 9/10

It was a hilarious, surprising and charming movie, which are the kinds I like best. It’s appropriate for kids of all ages, and for adults of all ages too.

It’s one of those Disney movies that you fall in love with right away and want to revisit over and over again. It is heartwarming, and it teaches everyone a valuable lesson about prejudice and stereotypes: that they are ridiculous and we should not let them control our lives.

You will enjoy it, I can almost guarantee it.

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