Remembrance Day for Loyalist Students

‘Tis the season to remember now that Halloween is over and Christmas is nearly two months away. On Nov. 11, students and staff of Loyalist College will celebrate Remembrance Day to commemorate the lives of soldiers who fought and continue to fight for our country’s freedom.

Remembrance Day first began on Nov. 11, 1918 when the First World War called for a ceasefire at 11:00 a.m. Many Canadians choose to wear poppies every November in recognition of the millions of lives lost during wartime.

So what does Remembrance Day mean to students at Loyalist?

For first year Amelia Munro, it means celebrating the work her father and many other local soldiers have done in the military.


Munro says she and her family are planning on spending Remembrance Day in downtown Trenton near the Battle Monument where there will be a memorial service held at 11:00 a.m.

Megan Wickens, another first year Loyalist Student, says she also plans on participating in some of this year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies.


Wickens is referring to Centre Hastings Secondary School in Madoc where she has been attending Remembrance Day assemblies for the past several years. Like Munro, Wickens believes Remembrance Day is incredibly important for Canadians to participate in.


Loyalist College holds an annual Remembrance Day Ceremony in Alumni Hall on Nov. 11 that is open for all staff and students who wish to attend.

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