The voting student


October 1, 2015. By Tara Henley

The largest issue in the 2015 Federal Election is the unbalanced and failing Canadian economy according to 19 year-old Loyalist College student Adam Conboy.

“[The older generation] just dumped this economy on us,” the construction and renovation student said. “It’s like they went, ‘Here you go guys, you can deal with this’. The younger generation was screwed.”

Conboy was referring to the recent economic recessions Canada experienced in 1980s and again just under a decade later that the country is still struggling with today.

That’s partially the reason Conboy says he believes the Liberals will win the election on October 19. He also believes the Liberal Party will be victorious because, as he says, they connect with his generation more than the Progressive Conservative Party and New Democratic Party.

Conboy is planning on voting in the upcoming election for the Liberal Party. He stresses that voting is “the right thing to do”, especially for the younger generation.

While Conboy is expecting to cast his ballot, he’s not completely enthused with the lack of diversity the parties present to the country. He described his voting experience to be “choosing the lesser of two evils”. When asked to elaborate, he talked about how he believes the parties have good intentions that can lead to misguided actions.

“It’s one thing to say you’re going to tax the wealthy more, but another thing to actually do it,” Conboy added, referring to Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau’s promise to increase tax on upperclass citizens. “Will he actually do it? I have no clue. But I’m sure he has every intention.”

When asked how the media has influenced his vote, Conboy compared Prime Minister Stephan Harper’s attack ads on Justin Trudeau to be “childish”.

“It makes me not want to vote for him even more,” Conboy said. “It’s like seeing a little kid bully others on a school yard.”

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