Passionate About Journalism (?)

Tara Henley

What makes me passionate about journalism?

Truthfully, nothing. I’m not passionate about the job description as a whole and the concept of working in a newsroom for the rest of my life – or any day of it –scares the hell out of me. I am passionate about certain aspects of journalism however. For example, I love to write and do research on almost any subject. I like being able to get people’s personal stories and experiences. Unfortunately, that’s about it. My social anxiety often prevents me from talking to people, and when I do talk to them I am too nervous to properly pay attention to what they say half the time. I don’t think it is a skill that can be developed for me considering I’ve gone twenty years of my life trying to develop that skill and it’s still painful.

What branch of journalism am I passionate about?

Photojournalism and travelogue. I’ve always loved photography and I am a huge believer of the phrase “A picture has a thousand words”. I’ve always tried to tell stories through my photographs, even before I knew that I could study it in school or make a career out of it. As for travelogues, I love to read them almost as much as I love to write them. My one truly great passion in this life is travelling. I don’t mean travelling as in “I went to Jamaica and stayed on the resort the whole time and it was cool”; I mean the type of travelling that can only be described as exploring the unknown, dirty and beautiful parts of the globe (I’m getting excited just thinking about it). Wherever I go, I keep a journal of everything I see and I collect photos and plants and rocks and anything else unique that I might happen to find. It is my favourite thing to do in my life, and I’d do it non-stop every day in a heartbeat if I could. I want to hopefully do my internship next year with a man I know who works as a cinematographer and travels the globe making documentaries about the different geographical areas. To me, that would be an amazing and ideal career.

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