Beating the Back to School Blues

It’s that time of year again. Every student’s worst nightmare and every parent’s wet dream.

That’s right: back to school.

Before you moan, “Oh no, not another article on how I can get out of this miserable pit of despair that I see no end to” maybe you should hear me out. After all, I am a student too, and I actually know some tips that you may find useful.

First, set yourself a schedule (I know, it sounds lame, but trust me). By setting yourself a schedule, you’ll not only be able to see what days you have to actually work (boo) and what days you have off (yay) but you can work around other important events, and plan ahead for days you can have fun. Seeing this schedule every day will help remind you that exciting days are on the horizon, and it will also hopefully remind you that the weekend is never as far away as it seems.

Next, make plans with your friends to hang out, like, all the time. Even if it’s just to be together as a study group in the library as you all shove as much coffee in your systems as you can handle, do it. We often forget how important our friendships are when it’s the start of the school year and everyone’s busy wrapped up in their own school schedules, so maintaining these friendships is a great way to remember that you don’t have to suffer alone.

Make sure you have lots of good food. Notice I said GOOD food and not JUNK food. Finding a balance between what’s tasty and what is healthy is a bit hard I’ll admit, but DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE TEMPTATION OF ADDING ONTO YOUR FRESHMAN FIFTEEN! I cannot emphasize how difficult it will be to work off those extra pizza slices if you don’t show some restraint. There are tons and tons of healthy recipes for college students that you can definitely do on a budget, so no excuses.

Create a workout schedule to help not only keep yourself busy, but happier and healthier as well. If your school has any activities (such as yoga Tuesdays or pickup soccer Fridays) then it would be a great idea to take advantage of this. If there’s a gym at your school, get a membership – they’re usually free, and most places offer personal trainers or assistance with the equipment.

Also, don’t forget to make time for yourself. Whether it’s watching Supernatural for three hours in your bed on your phone (me) or having a nice, long bath after a stressful first day (also me), you should try to make a bit of time for doing whatever you enjoy, for at least one hour every day.

So that’s my advice for now. Keep your heads up everybody; we can get through this. Remember: only five more weeks until reading week.

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