Twitter Assignment

This is an example of a retweet. I retweeted and distributed with my followers a story I found on my Twitter feed and thought my followers should be aware of, and I added my own brief commentary.

This is an example of a distribution tweet. I am sharing the link to my WordPress post and sharing this link with my Twitter followers with a short explanation of what they can expect from the post.

This is an example of live reporting. I explained what was going on in the moment and I provided a link to my followers in the same tweet where they can view the event live online.

These are examples of breadcrumb tweets. I let my followers know what was going to happen, and I followed up on the same event in a later tweet.

These are two examples of sourcing tweets. The first is for a local event and the second is a story I followed through with the entire week, and even shared my article on the event.

This is an example of a conversation I had regarding a topic that is trending on social media right now with one of my followers.

This is how I chose to use Twitter creatively in a journalistic sense: I asked my followers their opinions on a heated debate and I told them to retweet my tweet if didn’t agree and to favourite it if they did. I did this to gage the public’s reaction to this piece of news.

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