Lunar Walks

Ladybug shells and
wind chimes
echo through the air
in the meters
between you and I, and
there is a bridge
of electricity,
thinner than
a spider’s web,
tying us together
and mapping the way
the hairs on our skin
stand up when we are
side by side.
Words die on our lips,
are left unspoken,
and their ghosts haunt us
as they follow our footsteps
along the path
decorated in moonlight and memories
that we walk along,
each alone in thoughts.
And I
have so much to tell you
and so much to ask
but neither of us
wants to break
the tranquility etched
in our silent denial;
you are leaving,
and those words break across our reality
in a nuclear cataclysm,
they carve themselves into our skin,
our breath.
You reach for my hand,
wordlessly press love
into the spaces between my fingers
and I realize
how loud
silence can really be,
but I also remember
how much we can say
when we hold our tongues.

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