I recently started watching Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a television show with the purpose of educating its viewers on the wonders of the world, including how humans evolved, how molecules work and what lies beyond our universe. I absolutely love it and have become thoroughly addicted, but it got me thinking. And that is never a good sign because then I write blog posts about it.

One of the aspects of the show is explaining how we came to have our modern-day knowledge of the solar system. Mr. NDT, who is the host of the show, talks about certain scientists and philosophers from centuries ago, such as Newton and Hook. Many of these men (yeah… not a lot of girls are mentioned. It’s not the show’s fault; girls just had no historical significance in the eyes of society until about a hundred years ago) had to recant their beliefs because of the church. They were excommunicated and jailed and sometimes even tortured or murdered.

So, I have a question. All of these guys believed in God, yet also knew that there was more to the world than what the Bible tells us. Now I’ve said before that I’m Christian but I don’t believe a single word of the Bible (other than the whole “Love thy neighbour etc.” bit). But I was wondering if someone can still believe in creationism in this modern age without seeming insane.

The answer I came up with is yes, of course you can. BUT you can’t deny evolution; it’s a fact that’s been proven. I’ve read a lot of pseudoscience articles claiming that carbon dating and such is inaccurate, and most of the times these articles have been written by radical religious groups that deny science. I don’t understand these people at all, but whatever, their opinion (even if it’s wrong, ha ha).

I believe in some kind of higher power (I don’t like to say God, but I believe in Something with a capital S) but I know that evolution is an actual thing that actually happened and I find it actually cool. I love watching documentaries and TV shows about this sort of thing (NOTE: if you’re the same, please check out Cosmos, Walking with Dinosaurs and Walking with Monsters, all available on Netflix). By no means am I suggesting that these events didn’t happen, but I am suggesting something else. There is only a certain distance away from out planet that we can see. For all we know, what lies beyond is the fact we’re being watched by an octopus in a crystal ball or something. Probably not, but I doubt we’ll ever find out, at least not in our lifetimes.

So what I’m proposing is this: creationism can be seen as an entity creating the Big Bang, or the cosmos, or whatever. Something/ someone/ some God could still have created all of this; no one knows thus far the answer to the giant universal “Why Are We Here” question. You can believe we’re here because of pure coincidence and that there was nothing at all in existence before the Big Bang, or you can believe a higher power put us here (insert picture of the guy with crazy hair saying “Aliens”).

My point is, you don’t have to deny scientific fact in order to maintain your beliefs. I’m not asking you to, nor is anyone else. But I’m saying that science and religion have worked and thrived side by side for generations. Many scientists chose to study science because of their love of God, and we wouldn’t understand the universe the same way without them. So I see no reason why the two can’t continue coinciding in peaceful harmony for many years to come.

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