Tall Girl Probs

And once again I find myself bitching about a society that favours men. I’m sorry but this time it’s gone too far; I just spent a stupid month and a half’s salary on three pairs of jeans. Want to know why? Because tall girls apparently don’t exist in society.

Now for some background: as many of you know, I was bullied in school for two relatable reasons. 1. I was tall, and I’m talking “six feet tall at the age of twelve” kinda tall, the kind that was noticeable and the kind that was ridiculed. 2. I wore the same three outfits every day to school because it was all I could afford/ it was all that fit me.

When I was about twelve is when I discovered that tall girls aren’t meant to have clothes. Why? We aren’t meant to exist. I had to wear men sizes that didn’t fit me up until I discovered ONE shop in downtown Toronto called Long Legs that was actually catered for tall women. All their jeans were vastly overpriced because they knew that every single tall girl within a ten mile radius would be willing to pay that ridiculous price for some pants that would fit.

Want to know what happened to Long Legs? It went out of business because there weren’t enough tall women in the world I suppose.

I have had approximately nine-thousand shorter girls ask me why I don’t just shop in the long section of stores like American Eagle and Jean Machine. BECAUSE THE LONG SECTION IS MADE FOR GIRLS 5’9″ AND SHORTER. I am not meant to be tall, and I realized a few years ago why that was.

The first time I ever dated a boy who was shorter than me, I hated it. But… did I really hate it, or did I just hate the society I lived in that ridiculed me publicly for being with a boy who was anything less than six feet? I felt like a mother walking with her child on the streets with him, and it made me embarrassed, which made me ashamed. I am not supposed to judge people based on their looks, and I never had before, so what was so different now?

Because it was just one more thing that made me feel less normal. As if the bullying and the name-calling and the awkward stares and the constant badgering of, “Do you play basketball?” weren’t enough.

I see models ridiculed CONSTANTLY online. People complain that “nobody looks like that!” … I DO. I look like that. I am tall and thin and I DESERVE SOME FREAKING PANTS THAT FIT ME BECAUSE I AM A HUMAN BEING TOO!

Women aren’t supposed to be tall, men are. That’s what society has told me ever since i was old enough to walk and talk. All the dainty Disney princesses, much smaller than their husbands, told me that. All the shoe saleswomen who advised me against wearing high heels to my grade eight graduation told me that. My teachers who openly laughed at me at semi-formals when they saw me dancing with a shorter boy told me that. I am not supposed to be tall.

BUT (and yes, there’s a BUT here) men, in turn, aren’t supposed to be short. Imagine how they feel when a girl rejects them based on their height. Imagine how they feel knowing that the smallest size pant length just isn’t small enough. I had a friend once who had to shop in the junior section in stores because they didn’t make pants short enough for him. Granted, clothing is fairly easy to hem, but oh wait I forgot: society tells me men aren’t supposed to sew either.

Well, fuck you society. You need a change.

I want to see Disney princesses that tower over their princes. I want to see more celebrity couples like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (I know they broke up, but she is a giant BOMBSHELL). I want to see Amazon Warriors and girls who get called giraffes.

I want to buy a goddamn pair of jeans that cost less than $150.

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