Shades of Wrong

I had forgotten what it felt like.

You were a thousand shades of wrong for me
But wrong is my favourite colour;
I would wear it proudly like a cape
Draped across my back,
Waving like a flag,inviting you closer
And warning you:
You were everything I hated
And everything I craved

I can picture Sunday afternoons together
Even though it’s only Tuesday,
And I can still see the outline of your jaw
In the fault lines of any map.
You were consuming my mind
In the most unhealthy of ways
And I couldn’t help but enjoy it;
I loved hating you
And I hated loving you.

I learned to live with the pain
And to put band-aids on my broken heart,
But you could see the imperfections
And you could hear the falsetto words
And you could taste the fear on my lips;
So you tattooed my neck
With purple flowers:

I used to dream about you,
But the dreams have since turned to nightmares
And I used to sing about you,
But the melody has turned sour
And I used to think
That wrong was my favourite colour
But now I see
It was never on the rainbow.


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