Why I Hate Tumblr

Woah there Tumblrites, relax and let me explain. I don’t hate you all personally, but I hate you all collectively (does that makes sense? No, of course not, I never do). I don’t hate Tumblr, but I hate going on Tumblr because of the kinds of things I find.

I find more than enough of my fair share of wonderful and hilarious posts that make me laugh so hard I think my spleen explodes sometimes… but to be honest, I get my Tumblr fix from Imgur (which, from a design standpoint, is waaaaaay easier to navigate that the Tumblr Maze). I also follow several Tumblr Funnies accounts on Twitter and Pinterest. I love those funny posts Tumblr, I really do.

But then I find shit like this.


I’ve seen girls (yes I’m going to call you girls because the vast majority of these posts I’ve seen have been posted by females) that completely make me ashamed for calling myself a feminist. They completely man-hate.

I’ve seen people do nothing but call white people/ straight people/ men/ upper class people names. It’s not progressive what you’re doing; it’s fucking terrible.

But what bothers me the most is the hypocrisy of the site I think. I can’t begin to count the number of posts I’ve seen that talk about how women aren’t “whores” or “sluts” and how these are non-existence concepts invented by society to control women… BUT FOR SOME REASON, I SEE AN EQUAL AMOUNT OF POSTS THAT SLUT-SHAME THAT GO COMPLETELY IGNORED BECAUSE IT’S FUNNY.

I just don’t get you, Tumblr.

You say you’re open minded and accepting of everything and everyone, until that person has an opinion that differs from yours and suddenly ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE. An example of this is anyone who is religious at all, people who are pro-life or people who are conservative; Tumblr will bully the hell out of you.

I’ve seen people try to say, “Use gender-friendly terms when referring to your cat because you don’t know whether it wants to be referred to as a girl or a boy!”… It’s a fucking cat, it has no concept of gender, only sex. Jesus Christ.

Tumblr, you have some issues that need sorting out. Stop accusing all white people of being racist, stop accusing all men of being rapists and stop accusing all straight people to be homophobes. BECAUSE THEY AREN’T, AND I’VE SEEN POSTS THAT CLAIM OTHERWISE.

This site is Liberal and progressive and can be a wonderful place but y’all need to chill. I can only shake my head so much in one day.


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