Top Ten Movies

What does my opinion even matter? Well, I’m a big movie buff; you name it and I’ve either seen it, read the book or have some sort of opinion on it. I’ve taken Television Studies and documenting courses, I’ve studied the effects of the media through television and film and I just plain have good taste. So anyways, if you’re bored one night and are looking for a great film, here are some of my absolute favourites.

1. Life of Pi
I rant about this all the time on my blog. Beautiful novel by Yann Martel (fun fact: he went to my university) and a visual masterpiece by Ang Lee. It will make you laugh and cry and question your religious beliefs and question the boundaries of truth, lies and stories. Is it better to accept a beautiful lie or to listen to the harsh truth?

2. Remember Me
Not the typical rom-com it appears to be (believe me, I made that mistake and totally put off watching this movie for a very, very long time). Main character Tyler falls in love after his brother’s suicide (something which he blames his father for) and deals with the challenges of opening up. Sounds cheesy, right? But something happens (can’t say what but OH MY GOD) that makes you question why we bother existing at all. Nothing you do in life has any great meaning, but you affect so many people, and I first realized this while watching this film.

3. Her
A man falls in love with his AI (Artificial Intelligence… AKA a computer). It sounds SO stupid at first glance, but it’s the only love story film that has ever made me bawl my eyes out like a toddler. My heart physically broke while watching this, but it also made me question so, so much about love and life and why we live revolving around and searching for love and why we love who we do.

4. Shaun of the Dead
British comedy and wit mixed with zombies and one of my favourite directors. It’s brilliantly filmed and edited seamlessly and the acting is amazing. It will make you laugh harder than you thought you could at a zombie film. I saw Zombieland once, and Shaun of the Dead is by far the better of the two (except no Bill Murray).

5. The Help
Emma Stone playing something other than the cheeky and cute teenager we’re all used to seeing her as? Priceless. This movie talks about the segregation of black people in society in the middle of the sixties in the south. It’s funny and charming but it also speaks wonders. It will leave you wanting more, guaranteed.

6. Argo
I can’t believe it if you’ve never seen this film. Why not??? It’s based on a true story, it has action, pain, patriotism, pride and happiness. It will make you want to kiss the ground you walk on.

7. Perks of Being a Wallflower
“We accept the love we think we deserve” is the infamous quote from this movie. I love it. It’s a coming of age/ drama/ comedy film that deals with mental health, homosexuality, gender double standards and love. It’s ust beautiful, and you will cry.

8. Secret Life of Walter Mitty
I loved this film because Ben Stiller proved that he was in Hollywood for a reason. It’s such a great film visually and emotionally and even technically. It makes you want to get up and travel and go adventuring and have wonderful exotic photographs hanging on your walls.

9. Interstellar
Watched it last night and COULDN’T STOP CRYING. It was beautiful. It flowed perfectly, it allowed you to wonder about the mysteries of the universe, it was visually perfect and it was the best acting I’ve ever seen Matthew McConaughey do. Anne Hathaway was also as amazing as she was in Les Mis (WHICH ALSO IS A FANTASTIC MOVIE, YOU NEED TO WATCH IT). Time and space and gravity completely fuck up your mind in this film.

10. Brave
This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one animated film. Brave is my favourite because it’s sooooo beautiful visually (visuals are so important to me incase you can’t tell) and it’s heartwarming. I probably watch this film every few months because it’s all about motherly/ daughterly love and I miss my mum all the time. Also, I love Scottish accents.

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