The Winter Girl

She had snowflakes in her hair,
the smell of coffee on her lips
and icicles hanging from her eyelashes;
the cold air seemed to cling to her
like a hug, like a promise.

She had frost on her cheekbones
and snowmen in her smile,
and you thought you could see a resemblance
in the way her eyes gleamed
like ice flashing.

Her fingernails were marshmallows,
her nose was like a ski slope
and wintery crescent moons
didn’t shine half as bright
as her teeth when she laughed.

She was a winter girl
and you loved her all the other seasons too
because even though she was a winter girl
she could always warm you up;
but she herself was cold.

In the end it was your own heart
that cracked like ice
and melted like snow
and froze like winter
because she was a winter girl,
and she was so cold.

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