The Thing About Forever

The thing about forever is:
It’s never long enough,
I want to stumble through infinity
With all the things I love.

I wish seconds lasted minutes
And that minutes lasted weeks,
And that years were really decades
And you’d share all yours with me.

When I hear the ticking of a clock
The sound fills me with dread,
One second closer, forever’s ending,
Warning tick-tocks in my head.

You said our love would last a life
But that’s really just too quick,
Don’t you hear the ominous clock?
Can’t you hear it tick?

Our time is running out my love,
Every passing second is a death,
So I want to hear you promise, love,
Tell me with your next breath:

“The thing about forever, dear,
It can end out of the blue,
But I’d rather spend my short forever
With no one else but you.”


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