Life of a Wanderlust

I’ve recently been missing places, namely Costa Rica. I went there last summer to work with sea turtle rehabilitation and to teach English to children in Liberia. I miss it so much, and that’s why I decided to write this.

Sunsets here are glorious,
but they don’t light the world on fire
and cast shadows like forgotten memories.

The mountains here are breathtaking,
but they don’t kiss the sky
and melt with the stars.

The food here is delicious,
but my mouth doesn’t sing
and my lips don’t tremble as I eat.

The trees here are skyscrapers,
but unfortunately,
so are the skyscrapers.

The people here are polite,
but they will not approach me,
play with my hair, hold me.

The nights here are cold
and I’m forgetting the smell
of the ocean and the rain.

The days here are lonely,
and my feet are already itching
to leave.

And I wonder if a wanderlust
can ever truly be happy
where she is.

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