11 Signs That Mean You’re In Love

I hate posts like these. I hate them because of how stupid they are.

I found this article (http://elitedaily.com/dating/11-silly-ridiculous-signs-might-mean-youre-love/864846/) and I hate it. None of those things mean I’m in love, unless I’m in love with about 30 people.

So I propose an alternate list…

1. You never get tired of looking at them.
You have ever curve and freckle of their face memorized by heart. You know their facial expressions and what they mean. You’ve noticed everything from the way they bite their lip when they’re trying not to laugh to the way they rub their eyes lazily in the mornings.

2. They take the air from the room when they leave.
You don’t feel complete when they aren’t around. You can only breathe freely when they are beside you, otherwise you feel like you’re underwater. Everything is less vibrant.

3. You know everything about them, but you always want to know more.
You know that he loves William Blake poetry or that her favourite band is The Trews, but you want to know if they prefer spinach over cabbage, who they think would win in a fight between Superman and Batman. You want to know their reasons for smiling and for crying. You want to know the pattern of their heartbeat.

4. People have noticed a change in you.
You smile at nothingness now, and that’s something you never did before. People say you’ve changed, and you know it’s for the better. You love this change because you love who brought it on. You’re happy because you’re discovering yourself anew.

5. You fight.
If you fight, it means you care. Even violent storms have rainbows at the end, and you know you will always make up. Passion can be shown through fights and through love.

6. Sex isn’t a priority.
But it’s always a bonus.

7. Everything they do is beautiful.
The classic example being “the way she pushed back her hair” or “the way he bit his lip when he was concentrating”. But you don’t just love them when they do cute things like this, no. You love the way they look loading the dishwasher or the way they say your name. You admire all the little things they do that make you so crazy.

8. Speaking of crazy…
You’re under a daze, lost somewhere in a magical new world and you’re not sure you ever want to be found. You’re mad with love, not just the expression, but you’re drunk on the thought of your lover. You’re so happy you feel quite literally insane.

9. Songs make sense.
Cheesy Taylor Swift lyrics play in your head on repeat and you think, “Finally, I understand!” or, “This song is entirely about the way I feel!”. You hum along, lost in the melody.

10. You’re so proud of them.
It doesn’t matter if it’s the way they asked for a raise at work or if it’s the way they take out the trash, every little thing they do makes you so proud. You want to take them by the hand, march into the streets and yell, “This is mine, and I’m so, so happy!” just to let everyone know how lucky you are.

11. You’re more terrified than you have ever been in your entire life.
You’ve given them the power to hurt you more than a blade or bullet ever could. And that thought alone is enough to tear you apart, piece by piece, until there is nothing left but a heart full of fear.

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