Meet Alex

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The photo reads, “Meet Alex. Future sports star, Prime Minister, inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist”. Down below, you can barely make out the words, “(Shown here with her brother, Chris)”.

So why did we all assume Alex was the boy?

There was a recent study done where a variety of girls, starting at a young age and working their way up to their early twenties. Each girl was asked to do an activity – run, throw, catch etc. – like a girl.

The younger girls did all of those things normally, but the older ones pretended to be terrible at their activities. They pretended to be inferior to men. In other words, they fit into the role society had given to them and had engrained into their brains from a young age.

We assume Alex is the boy because we all grow up believing and being told that men are stronger. Men are more successful.

And if you don’t believe me, why did you automatically think Alex was the boy?

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