Men & Abortion Rights

I know, I know, “My body, my choice” and all that. I’m as pro-choice as the next girl, but I’ve realized over the past few weeks that it’s not just “our” (women’s) choice. This child or fetus is only half the woman’s. It lives and develops in our body, but does that mean we should hold more right to it than the father/ potential father?

If you REALLY believe in gender equality, you will agree with me when I say the answer is no.

It takes two people to have a baby or to fertilize an egg. You need the sperm from a man and an egg from a woman. That seems pretty 50/50 to me.

Now I pose a problem: what if the father wants to keep the baby but the woman doesn’t? The only option I can think of in this situation would be that the fertilized egg be transported to a surrogate mother. This is NOT an ideal option by any means.

What is the father didn’t want the child but the mother did? This in theory should have an easier solution; the father doesn’t have to be in the picture. He can vanish without ever knowing his biological child. But what if he is still in love with his pregnant partner? And not to mention he will still be forced to pay child support, regardless of whether or not he wants this child.

Men have NO SAY in this regard. It’s absolute bullshit.

It’s such a complicated situation, I know and understand this. But I think it’s only fair that if the woman has the right to decide whether or not to keep the baby, the father should have the right to be completely legally and financially emancipated from the child.

We talk of feminism in terms of ensuring women are given all the same rights as men, yet in this regard, we are given more rights than them, and that is unfair. This is not what feminism is about. Radical “feminists” who claim to want equality but really crave female superiority have given feminism a bad reputation in recent years. Let’s not continue the streak or add fuel to the fire.

Yes, we still have a long way to go before women are given the same rights as men. But it will take a lot longer if we as a society keep denying men of THEIR rights in turn out of spite.


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