A Letter to My Future Daughter

Dear Future Daughter,

You will meet a boy one day and you will fall in love. He will smell like summertime and he will taste like your future. He will take you out on dates to beaches on cloudy days and ice cream parlours in the middle of winter. He will hold you and whisper romance in your ear. He will make you fall in love with him, and darling, he will hurt you. I know it isn’t fair, but nothing in life ever seems to be.

You will ache in your very bones. You will trace his name on your skin and you will feel the path your fingers made burn long after you fall asleep at night. You will see grey skies and brokenness, and you will forget what it’s like to smile for no reason.

You will lose yourself, child. I’m telling you this because we all lose a part of ourselves when we fall in love for the first time.

But darling, I promise you that you can find yourself again.

You will find yourself in the songs you listen to in the mourning while you’re getting ready for school, in the way your hair falls into your face softly, like snowflakes. You will find yourself in all the cracks of your broken heart, and you will pick yourself up off of the cold floor and you will fall in love again, this time with yourself.

I cannot promise you that you will never be hurt in this world; disappointment and pain are an inevitability. But you will find happiness in yourself, the way the world find happiness from your company.

You will fall in love again, this time with a boy who carries the world for you on a chain in his pocket. He will move heaven for you, create constellations in empty skies for you. He will place your hand on your heart and confess that it is yours.

I’m telling you this because no one told me. I was one of the unlucky girls who had to figure out for herself that there is life after love.

So yes, you will hurt. But I can promise you it will be worth it.


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