A Social Experiment Pretending to be Gay

Note to self: next time I’m bored, I should probably stick to cleaning my room.

The other day, I sat on my bed, bored because I had been e-mailed by my work telling me my shift was cut for that day, so I had cleared my schedule for no reason. I had absolutely nothing do to; my homework was finished, my dishes were done and I had already done my daily workout. I contemplated what I should do for a few minutes before a lightbulb went off in my head: I should go online and piss people off!

For those of you who don’t know me, I do stuff like this a lot. I’m a natural contrary, and I love opposing the arguments of people, regardless of what that argument is. I’ve posted on pro-life groups and pro-choice groups for example, simply offering up the oppositional argument. The reactions I get are usually either very calm and informed, or a simple “fuck you”. Either way, it’s fun to see these people react differently.

Thus, I found myself posting on one of the Duggar’s Instagram accounts on a very anti-gay post. I commented, “I’m a lesbian. The God I believe in knows only love, and he recognizes and appreciates the love I have for my girlfriend. I do not have to say sorry or repent because God knows there’s nothing to forgive.”

I’m straighter than a two-by-four, but these faceless people online didn’t know that. None of them cared enough to check my profile, which has several pictures of me and my ex-boyfriend up there. None of them cared. All they knew was that I had told them I was a lesbian.

Wanna know what happened next?

(Keep in mind that these are only the EXTREME replies I got. I received some tactful ones offering me prayers and whatever, but I’m only talking about these extremists because this is what true homophobia is.)

One girl called me a dyke and told me she hoped I burn in hell with my lesbian lover.

One mother (yes, I creeped her account) threatened to call upon the wrath of God to smite and kill me unless I changed my sinful and disgusting ways.

One man, who was a father of a young (three or four years old) boy, decided to comment on one of my photos that he would be able to turn me straight. (This comment freaked me out so much because of the winking emoji he used, so I deleted it and blocked/ reported him).

I had a variety of people telling me God hated me, I was disgusting, I was a sinful bitch, I was wicked, I would burn in hell etc.

I’m talking about probably 30 or so comments from people who had nothing better to do with their time but try and tell me how to live my life.

I don’t care what your beliefs are, why the hell would you think it’s okay to threaten me online? Answer: because your beliefs are rooted in hate.

I’m Christian, as I’ve said before. I am the complete opposite of homophobic. I am pro-choice to no end.

But I also want to be a traditional stay at home mom one day. I also like to pray to a God that knows no hate for any of His children, whether they’re gay or not. I like the idea of a God who recognizes love for what it is: love.

Why do people still eat shellfish if it’s considered an abomination in the Bible? Because society had changes and we have taken those words out of historical context.

But isn’t that what people still do with homosexuality?

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