A Poem I Should Have Written Years Ago

Meeting you was like…

Living your life in black and white before suddenly seeing red for the first time. And to be honest, you don’t know what it is, but it makes your life colourful.

It was like living in a world where the sun was eclipsed for years before bursting out, strong and bright. And you squint your eyes at it and discover a world where shadows remain in hidden places.

It was like hearing music for the first time, and realizing that your heartbeat has its own rhythm, that your blood sings its own song to the melody of your life. And you learn that silence has a sound.

It was like driving in the pouring rain when suddenly, you go under a bridge and everything just stops for a second. You can hear the car radio playing your favourite song again. You can feel your pulse under the thin layer of skin on your wrists. You can almost see the drops suspended in air. And before you know it, the moment is over, and the rain hits your windows so hard that everything rattles, tearing your world apart piece by piece. Nothing sounds the same as it did before; everything is louder.

Losing you was like…

Forgetting how to breathe.

It was like all your life, you had been floating, suspended in calm waters; it was like you had only ever known sunny days and friendly faces; it was believing in wishing stars and make-believe, it was knowing there was always a place you could call home; it was feeling safe in your arms and it was knowing that you would always keep me there.

But suddenly, you were drowning; it was your first thunder storm; it was malevolence; it was snatching innocence; it was becoming lost; it was dangerous.

It was learning that a heart could break more ways than just in half.


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