Rant on Homophobes

Wanna know what kills me inside? The fact that America is a nation more accustomed to seeing men holding guns than men holding hands.

I don’t understand how the government has a right to tell people who they should or should not love. Why is it any of your business AT ALL whether or not two people who are in love get married? Or have children?

The way I look at it is this: love is stronger than hate, every time. So the fact that two people love each other – regardless of who those two people are – should be more powerful than God’s hatred towards them. I mean, I’m oversimplifying the situation sure, but maybe it should be Adam and Whoever the Fuck Adam Loves, not Adam and Eve.

Here’s the thing: most heterosexual people who get married will also get divorced. I don’t know why this is, but it’s a fact in North America. One in three heterosexual or “traditional” marriages end in divorce while less than five percent of gay marriages end in divorce.

Wanna know why I think that is? Because if you’re willing to go through hell and back to be with someone (facing societal stereotypes, facing the government that tries telling you that you can’t get married, facing the fact it’s ten times harder for you to have children) then I believe that when the marriage itself gets a little rough, it won’t matter because you two have already been through so damn much.

We are used to seeing two young teenagers practically undressing themselves in the back rows of movie theatres. We are used to fourteen year old girls popping out babies when she should be worrying about what she’s going to wear to the school dance. We are used to violent video games and movies and posters that litter our illusions of a perfect world.

But some people still stare in horror at the sight of two women kissing. Some parents ask their children to be pulled from the class where they found out the teacher is living with his boyfriend. Some employers will still make up any excuse to fire the dyke who makes all the customers glare at her.


Why is it any of your business if a person is gay or lesbian or bisexual or whatever? If they were into dating tea cosies that shouldn’t matter to you! Want to know why? Because it isn’t your life to live.

I live in a country where if we were to see a bumper sticker reading “Save a deer, shoot a queer!”, that person’s car would be egged before they could apologize for their idiocy. So how come there are still places (all of them in the States) that I still find that bumper sticker?

Because intolerant people are still being heard.

Shows like “19 Kids and Counting” for example. The Duggar family has said some of the most racist and homophobic things I’ve ever heard (like when Michelle said transgender people shouldn’t have any civil rights, do you remember that?!) and yet they are STILL on the air. It disgusts me.

I’d rather burn in hell for loving someone than for burning on earth for denying myself the freedom of who I am as a person.

You can argue that people who are gay aren’t born this way, that it’s a choice. Yes, I completely agree. They choose to make their lives more difficult than they can bare. (Sarcasm).

It’s none of your business whether two people get married or not unless you’re invited to the damn wedding honey.

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