(I’m doing what I always do when something is irritating the living fuckers out of me; I’m writing. To calm me down and to cheer me up. Enjoy.)

I can see myself now,
Pushing back your body
And trying to crawl inside;
I just need to be close to you,
To anyone.
I want to fell again,
To feel heartbeats and wild thoughts
And to see soft smiles
On careless lips,
And to remember broken first impressions
And poor perceptions.
I just want to wake up
Smiling, just one time more,
Like in the days of innocence,
Of cartoons and bubble baths,
Where I never felt
Anything less than surrounded,
By people and by love.
“I want to feel again,”
I mumble against your skin,
Unaware I said a word.
You ask me what I said
And I say nothing
When I really mean
Hold me.

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