A Love Story

I had to train my eyes to remind my mind
That yes, you were real.
It’s so hard to hold someone
When all the while you feel them slowly slipping
Through the spaces between your fingers
And drifting away.

I loved you like a heartbeat;
I was so used to you
That I didn’t know anything else.

We spent our days
Chasing lullabies and catching daydreams,
And as the autumn sun kissed your skin,
Like the snowflakes that followed,
I wondered if this is what love meant.

I felt you slipping away from me
Like sand in an hourglass,
And our time was running out.

We walked along the rocky shore,
Pretending it was a beach,
And we skipped pebbles into horizons
That seemed to stretch forever,
But you looked at me and said:
And you never finished your sentence.

I felt you slip away from me
Like smoke;
And I couldn’t catch you.

I could hear the regret in your voice
During the phone conversation that ended
In heartbreak and bloody silence,
And I wondered why her name came out
Softer and more beautifully
On your lips than mine ever did.

I felt you slip away from me
And I let you go.

I never told you, but I saw you once.
In your car, with your Everything in the passenger’s seat,
And with a look in your eyes
That I sure as hell had never seen before.
I watched you pull away
And imagined I had known:
You were gone the whole time.


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