The Promise

He could hear the echo of her pulse
Radiating from her ribcage
As she inhaled his essence
And he tried to forget what the word responsibility
Actually meant.

He almost told her then
How she tasted like stardust
And freedom
And nightfall;
But he bit his lip, and the words
Were locked away.

He traced the words
“I love you”
Over her skin like a promise
That he could almost make,
Until she closed her eyes,
Unable to see her brokenness.

He kissed her scars
And tried to tell her in a million ways
That she was beautiful –
That she was loved.
Her memories clouded his words
Like smoke.

And when she had locked herself away
Like the words that died on his lips,
He knew she was a sparrow
With her wings clipped;
But he was an eagle
And he would teach her how to fly again.


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