Must Reads of 2014

As some of you know, I had set my New Years Resolution to read 50 books this year. I’m only at 41 (hey, there’s still time!) but whatever, I wanted to write this article before I forgot.

These are books you absolutely HAVE to read. They either changed my life or gave me some kind of new perspective on something. Just trust me when I say you need to read them.

1. The Storyteller
Jodi Picoult is probably my favourite author 9she wrote “My Sister’s Keeper”) and this book is one of my all-time favourites (right beside “The Host”). I read a lot of books so for me to say that means it’s a pretty big deal. The book kinda goes like this: The main character meets a kindly old man in her support group and they become friends. The twist is that the old man asks her one day to help him commit suicide. Want to know why? He was an SS Officer in the Second World War. Oh, and the main character is Jewish.

2. Eat Pray Love
I put off reading this book for years because I hated the movie. Then when I went to Costa Rica, another girl told me this book was amazing. She was SO right. It completely changed my perspective on religion and travel. What is it about? A young woman goes through a terrible divorce so she packs her bags and heads to the three places she’s always wanted to visit: Italy, India and Indonesia.

3. Flowers for Algernon
Ever heard of how ignorance is bliss? The main character had an IQ of about 70 when he was recruited by a medical team to undergo an experiment to make him smarter. The smarter he got, the more miserable he became. But unfortunately, the experiment goes wrong. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter, but I recommend you read it. It’s beautiful.

4. Life of Pi
Just finished reading it. I cried pretty much the entirety of the last few pages (in public on a bus no less). The movie is amazing also in my opinion, but the book was hands down phenomenal. Pi Patel is on a ship from India to Canada with his family when it sinks, leaving him the only surviver aside from a tiger. The story has an ending that will move you to insanity and if you don’t know what that twist ending is then I’m sorry but you need to read the book. Or watch the movie. Or both.

5. Memoirs of a Geisha
This book made me want to travel to Japan so badly. It takes place during the Second World War and follows the story of a geisha (a woman who is hired to look pretty and make pleasant conversation at parties and such… And occasionally have sex if she is paid royally). It’s just such an eye-opening story, and the ending made me furious because while the main character deemed it a happy ending, I had my doubts (probably because of my Western upbringing).

So there you have it; read these books in the new year and thank me later.

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