Sneak Peak #3

She was looking out the window and I watched the contours of her scar flicker between poking in and out of her t-shirt sleeve. Her mouth was relaxed and her eyes were dreamy as they looked out the window onto the street. It was a sunny day and the shards of light streaming in from the window illuminated the features of her face softly.

I don’t think she knew how beautiful she was in that moment.

And then the moment was over and the sun went behind some clouds and Sunny turned her face back to mine and I could feel the skin on my neck turn prickly hot. There was something in her eyes that told me she knew what I had been thinking about her.

“Don’t you have to go?” she asked me and it took me several seconds before I realized what she meant.

“Oh right, my work. Oh! Shit, I’m gonna be late!” I said after glancing at the clock on the wall and seeing that it was going on one. I sprang from the chair and stood awkwardly, not wanting to go.

Sunny stood also, more gracefully. We walked through the Elvis door together and she grabbed her bike from the bus stop sign.

“Look,” she said and I noticed that once again she won’t meeting my eye. “I know you don’t think that what you did today was very much but it. . . it meant a lot to me. More than you can guess.”

“Don’t mention it,” I said, sweating nervously, partly because I was going to be late for work and partly because she made me feel anxious with her words.

She paused before hugging me. This time, I hugged her back and made sure I was extra gentle when I placed my right hand over the spot on her shoulder where her scar sat. I felt her tense up when I did that, so I squeezed a bit harder so she wouldn’t pull away.

When we finally tore apart, her eyes were watery. “Bye,” she said as she hopped on her bike and began to pedal.

It looked like she was running away from something.


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