Reasons Not to Fall in Love

Because when he traces the skin down your back with his fingertips,
He will feel only skin; no heartbeat.

Because when he whispers your name
He will have others on his mind.

Because when he wraps the world up in a bow for you,
He’ll be tying you up with it.

Because when he tells you he can’t make it,
He really means that he forgot.

Because when he kisses you for that first time,
It will be against his better judgement.

Because when he looks at you and smiles,
It will only ever be absentmindedly.

Because when he asks you what your favourite colour is,
He will forget your answer within the day.

Because when he knots his hands in your hair,
He won’t remember not to pull.

Because when you ask him what he wants in life,
His answer won’t be “you”.

Because when you stay up all night making him a going-away gift,
He’ll burn it along with any thoughts of you.

Because when you show him your heart,
He’ll laugh.

Because when you tell him you dream of him even when you’re awake,
He’ll ask you to wake up.

Because when you roll up your sleeves,
He turns away, repulsed.

Because when you’ve finally broken,
He will leave you there.

Because on the day he left you,
You knew you’d never be the same.

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