A Tease from My Fiction Novel

I’m warning you right now, there is no happy ending.

There is no silver lining, there is no happily ever after.

You will hate yourself for making the decision to read on.

You will reach the end and gasp and exclaim, “That’s it?”

Yes. Yes, this is it.

This is probably one of the only love stories you’ll ever read where the guy (that’s me) does not, in fact, end up with the girl. Spoiler alert.

So put down the book, turn off your laptop, don’t download the rest of this on your Kindle. Put this story far from your mind and forget I ever mentioned it. Things will be easier that way and you won’t have to suffer through the mundane story that is my love life.

No? Have it your way, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’d like to tell you her story, whoever you are. I want you to know her story, because she deserves the recognition. She saved me in more ways than one, and I was trying to think of some way I could thank her for it, and I decided this would be best.

I’m writing out her story. Because, as I already said, people need to know.

I am not a poet, nor am I a very eloquent writer I’m afraid. I never considered myself to be much of a romantic either, so I promise I will not exaggerate. When I say, “My heart was beating so loudly it drowned out my surroundings”, it’s the truth. When I tell you she was the most beautiful and most ugly thing I had ever seen at two different points from the time I first knew her, it’s the truth.

Friend, the world of reality is not always a place you’d like to be.


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