My Thoughts On Religion

Okay. This post is going to piss people off no matter what I say, so I am going to try and be as polite as possible.

I like religion. I really do.


I am considered in my family and by myself to be a Christian. I used to go to Sunday school, I read the Bible, I used to go to church on Christmas and Easter. Those things are not important whatsoever to me now. In my opinion (it’s just my opinion, please don’t be offended because I really don’t mean any offence) the Bible is just a bunch of stories. They’re fun to read, but if I were to uphold and follow and live my life by it, I would personally be unhappy. Why? Because gay people are awesome, unmarried sex is totally fine and hey, I love my tattoo to death. I haven’t been to a sermon in years, and I don’t believe in Creationism.


But I love the morals my religion supports in people. It makes me feel happy inside, even though I don’t understand and follow my religion completely – meaning that I am incredibly Liberal and I don’t necessarily believe there’s a big white guy with a beard in the clouds watching my every move. But I love the fact that togetherness and community are supported. I love being able to have someplace (or someone) to talk to about my problems at all times. I like having faith in something, I always have. (Hell, I still believe in Santa Clause). If you don’t have faith in anything, that’s good for you but I personally cannot live like that. In a way, I guess it’s because I’m too scared.

Last year on December 21, my Granddad passed away. When I asked some people to come with my to my local church to light a candle in his memory and join in on a sermon, they refused. I asked probably about six or seven of my friends to come, and a few of them flat out told me that they would not step foot in a church. Why? It’s just a building, and it’s a place where people go to feel safe.

I have a rule that I tell everyone that I try to uphold: It’s okay to be religious so long as you don’t try to shove your religion down everyone else’s unwilling throats. Similarly, it’s okay to be an Atheist so long as you aren’t a judgemental asshole to people who are religious. It works both ways and while I have seen many religious extremists (AKA people who cover up their insanity with the name of the religion they follow by means of an excuse for their terrible behaviour) I have also seen it the other way around.

People judge me all the time when I tell them I am religious, even if I don’t closely follow Christianity the way most devout Christians do. I pray (to whom or what, I have no idea) and I enjoy the togetherness that Christianity ensues in myself. It’s just something that has always calmed me down.

There have been and still are wars fought over religion. No religion is greater than or lesser than any other, and it’s stupid to try and convince anyone otherwise. People have died for religion. People have killed for it. And still, I like to try to focus on all of the good it has done for humanity instead.

I hate the fact people feel the need to fight over something that should bring great peace, but that is the fault of the people who misguide themselves, not their religion that thousands of people uphold only the good from. I hate the fact people twist religion to suit their own sociopathic tendencies.

There was a time in high school when I considered myself Agnostic, and I wasn’t any happier for doing so. I only felt lonelier. That’s why I don’t mind being teased every now and then when a more close-minded person comes along.

Would the world be a better place without religion? I honestly have no idea, but we’ll never know because it’s here now. And I’m thankful it’s given me something to believe in.

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