Being Tall

I have people ask me all the time what it’s like to be a tall girl. Some people have even expressed longing for my height (to be clear, I’m 6’0″ tall). Before you go around wishing for this, how about I explain what you’re going to have to go through on a regular basis first.

You will wake up in the morning with your toes hanging off the end of your bed because it’s too short for your body. You will yawn and stretch before venturing off to the shower, where the tap will be pointed at your chest because, again, you’re too tall. Then you will go to your closet and try to find some clothes you will have to wear for the day. Because your pants are so expensive considering you have to go to a shop in downtown Toronto where jeans cost $200 minimum, your wardrobe is VERY limited. (SIDE NOTE: pants that are long enough for me are also typically way too large in the waist. It’s like people think that if you’re tall, you have to be bigger also. Skinny tall people have feelings too.)

On the streets, people will stare. Even at your work you will find that people are always looking at you as if you’re a circus creature. You’ll tell yourself over and over again that they aren’t looking at your height but you eventually learn that this is a lie. You find yourself receiving comments from random strangers commenting on your height, as if it was their place to remind you of something you can’t seem to forget.

My favourite one is, “Wow, you’re really tall”.

Oh my God, really? Wow, when did that happen?

At school, you will be bullied. This will start from the young age of four and continue on for as long as kids continue to be idiots (still hasn’t stopped for me yet and I’m in university). They will call you C.N. Tower and giraffe. They will bombard you with questions about being tall (just so you’re wondering, the weather up here is fine and no I don’t play basketball/ volleyball).

And then there’s boys.

I’ve dated some boys shorter than I am, and I’ve always been judged for it. Well sorry, but I was born this way and so were they. I just wish people wouldn’t have to stare.

But there are some perks to being tall.

I can model. I can reach whatever you ask me to reach without a step stool. I can look good in all types of clothes. I can be seen when others blend in. I am special because of it.

Do I like my height? Sometimes, but it has also given me more grief than I care to think about. It’s never going to be perfect for people like me. I’m always going to be classified as something because of the way I look, and that’s not okay with me.

I get that no one is ever really comfortable with the way they look, but when it affects your life on a daily basis, things start to get a little bit harder. I’m okay with how I look, I only wish society was as well.


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