How to Murder Someone

How to Murder Someone

Step one: smile.
Smile at her from across the room,
make her feel noticed,
beautiful even,
and then look away and back again.
Entrance her.

Introduce yourself softly,
don’t scare away your prey.

Step two: tell her she’s the most lovely person there,
offer to take her to beautiful places,
exotic locations where she
can blend in seamlessly with
her surroundings.
Tell her you want her happy.

Take her hand and lead her away.

Step three: lead her to opera houses and museums,
to amusement parks and beaches,
to starry nights and lazy days
and show her the meaning of the phrase
Don’t forget: you’re here to kill.

Make her lips smile against your skin at night.

Step four: become her addiction,
her every need and desire.
Become the crutch she leans against,
become the words that sing on the radio,
become every fairytale and sunset.
Let her defences fall.

Step five: tell her you love her.

Step six: leave.


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