Intoxicated Poems Part 1

I got myself a bit intoxicated last night and wrote some humorous poems that make zero sense (even to me???) and I thought you guys would enjoy this. I’m definitely doing this again.

Untitled (Poem 1)

Snip snap,
crocodile nips,
pointy teeth and bad decisions
tumbling in a nighttime.
Stumbling in a daydream,


These are all mistakes
Now and then.
Let me remember what is was like
to feel the cold of the blade
Replace the warmth of the skin?

Do you

Remember that time we…

Remember when we used to…

Remember me?

I want to love you,
I want to move on.
I want to:

Beat the shit out of


A letter to my never-was.

Poem 2 – Forrest Gump is in the Background

I think I played Disney songs in my head,
Or maybe Bob Marley
Don’t worry, ‘bout a thing,
Or maybe I just screamed.

I could feel your unwanted breath basting my neck,
You blew my house down,
But it was made of bricks.

I think I was wearing my red shirt.
Or my other one,
But red the colour of desire;
Red the colour of lust.

Or red the colour of danger,
Red the colour of fear;
Red, the colour of warning.

Skirt up, defences down,
My world fell apart
And your arms
Help me together

I was breaking

Falling 1000 feet dropped, dropping
Falling. Breaking

I broke, Humpty Dumpty

So much to think
I said it all with three words:
I love you
said the blind woman to the heartless killer.

I didn’t. Who did (could)?

Pick me up one more time
And I will kill you in your arms.

I was the snake when it was over,
who hurt who?
I hurt you
Because I was tired of you hurting me.

Run Forrest, run.

This poem could be about two boys
Or just one boy in two bodies
Or every body in one body.

Either or way, it’s about you.

Poem 3: How do you actually feel, Tara?

Awkward awkward awkward
Beautiful (for once??)
High (on what?)
Kiss me softly
Butterflies? No;
Caterpillars (almost there)
Hungry. More.
Filling up.
It will stop.
More? Maybe.
Far. Too far.
Sign on the life highway
let me be yours
I think you’re okay.
I wish for more.
Today only.
Tomorrow go,
be free.

I don’t know.

As you can see, I was decently screwed in my head last night. I do not recommend this to anyone (I’m lying, this is so fun). Say no to drugs and alcohol kids.

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