How To Be A Good Customer

What retail workers everywhere want you to know!

1. Be understanding.
If the store I happen to work at doesn’t carry the specific copy of whatever it is you’re looking for, don’t stand there and yell at me for ten minutes about it. I can’t do anything. What did you expect, that we would magically be able to cater to your every whim and fancy? Try not blaming me for something that isn’t my fault. Also, if YOU read the sale sign wrong, DON’T cry to me about it; buy a pair of glasses so you can read it better next time.

2. Be patient.
If I’m looking for something you asked me to find, don’t try and rush me please. If you’re in a hurry, come back another time. I’m taking time away from other customers who may need help so that I can help you, and trust me when I say I’m going as fast as I can. Having you nag at me over my shoulder is only going to slow me down. Little quips like, “Jeeze, I could have bought this and been out of here if I had bought this at any other store” are equally unhelpful (Really? Another store sells Enterprise-shaped pizza knives? REALLY? I highly doubt that).

3. Be polite.
Nothing is worse than telling someone to have a nice day only to have them grunt in reply, or fail to acknowledge you. “Please” and “thank you’s” are always noted and appreciated by us workers, so take the extra 0.1 seconds to add some courtesy into your replies. It really does go a long way.

4. Be quiet.
This one especially applies to teenagers. If “your new jam!!!” comes on the radio, please for the love of God don’t start squealing and singing and dancing along to it with your friends. There are other people in the store and I can guarantee not all of them will welcome this, and some of them are liable to even complain. Sing along quietly if you want, but excessive noise in a public setting is never really a good idea to begin with.

5. Be friendly.
No ma’am/ sir, I am not telling you I love the movie you’re buying just because I want you to buy it. I’m making conversation because I see we have something in common and I like your taste. It’s possible I can recommend other things you’d enjoy also, but you’ll never know unless you take the time to give me a response that doesn’t sound like, “Oh”. Today, I had a nice, long conversation with a gentleman who came in looking at the Poirot mystery DVDs, and we talked for ages about how much we both enjoy Agatha Christie films and he told me he would be back again to talk soon. Be like this man, I’m begging you. Talking to interesting people is the highlight of my day.

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