My Love for Archie

You know those “get to know each other” games played in classrooms at the beginning of the semester? One of the questions often asked as an ice breaker is “What is the most interesting thing about yourself?”

Hi, my name is Tara, and I’m an Archie-holic.

We’ve all heard of the beloved Archie comics, right? Well incase you haven’t, Archie is basically an average teen American boy who has two beautiful girlfriends (Betty and Veronica) and a best friend who eats all the time (Jughead) and a nemesis/ frenemy who makes his life difficult (Reggie).

These characters, along with countless others whose names and character traits I know by heart, All attend Riverdale High and go on fun adventures and learn valuable lessons while upholding positivity and friendship.

Sounds cheesy, right?

WRONG. (Okay, well maybe right, but I’m in firm denial about anything anti-Archie).

So now we come to the point of this blog post: I have somewhat of an obsession with Archie comics that has resulted in a colossal collection of these comics, particularly the Betty and Veronica Double Digest ones.

I haven’t counted in years, but when I was twelve my collection had reached 134 comics.

Since then, my collection has at least tripled in size. No regrets.

Ask me any question about Archie and I will have an answer (or multiple answers because the comics often contradict themselves). Tell me about almost any Archie story and I will be able to tell you the ending because I’ve likely read it before.

I read and reread these suckers like I’m breathing oxygen. I almost always have at least one comic on the go (I am currently in the middle of three) and if I’m ever at a flee market or Value Village, I am constantly hunting them down. I buy them at grocery stores also, but I like the older ones (comics and stories from the 1980s are my favourite – the style and pop culture references are just so amazing).

I’m always on the hunt for rare, really old first edition comics from before the seventies. I have two so far; a Betty and Veronica comic and a Jughead comic. The B&V one is in terrible shape though, so I’m always looking for a replacement for it.

Many people have tried to tell me over the years that this is just a phase I’ll grow out of when I get to a point where I realize these comics are intended for children and teenagers. Uh, no, I’m almost twenty and I’ve never loved them more. They aren’t just for children, they’re for everybody. If I enjoy a hobby that hurts no one, that’s my business. Don’t judge me for loving to collect these.

If we want to dive into my murky past (ooo scary) then I guess I’d have to admit that my love for Archie arose at a time in my life when I had very few friends and was going through my first awkward stages of puberty. These comics would cheer me up, and so I got through some of the toughest years of my life with these characters. I love them as much as a Potterhead loves Harry. I love them as much as Veronica loves money. I love them as much as (gasp!) Jughead loves food.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that these comics are a part of who I am at this point. They’ve travelled the world with me (I took some on my missionary trip to Costa Rica) and they make any place feel like home. I love Archie, and some small part of my wants to believe he loves me back.

If he was a real person, Betty and Veronica would have to watch out.


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