Dear Alex

Dear “Alex from Target”,

I apologize on behalf of my sex for being so incredibly self-righteous that they can’t see the error of their ways in posting that photo of you that went viral in just a few hours. I wish I could tell you that the girl who took that photo had more respect for men than to do this.

Where do I even begin… It’s bad enough for you to take a photo of someone without their knowledge or permission, but to then post it on the internet and make it VIRAL? That’s disgusting. That poor, misguided female completely disregarded all respect she should have given you, and I feel sorry for that.

Alex, let’s talk about why I’m so mad at this girl and at all the girls (and boys) who have been commenting profanity on your photo (and I say “girls and boys” because of the clear lack of maturity here): These people disgust me. They are treating you as a piece of meat, telling the world publicly that they would “do things to you” that I am not comfortable discussing in my blog. I’m sorry if you have felt violated in any way, Alex. You didn’t deserve this. You didn’t ask for this.

Now Alex, you might feel flattered at the seemingly positive reaction to your photo. So many girls globally think you’re attractive, and that can’t be all bad, right?

Wrong. So wrong.

People may idolize you as a sex symbol but make no mistake; there are no true feelings here. Even that one girl who had the pleasure of meeting you purposely decided to disrespect your right to privacy by taking a photo of you without your knowledge and posting it online. These people do not love you any more than they love a pretty picture. Their feelings are hollow, and I’m so sorry you are the butt of their completely un-funny joke.

Alex, how about we talk about some double standards, hmm?

If your name had been Alexandria and some boy customer had taken that photo of you and posted it online and a group of boys commented about the “nasty things they would do to you”, I’m pretty sure a bunch of angry feminists would rip their heads off. So why isn’t this happening when the sexes are reversed?!

Feminism means gender equality. GENDER EQUALITY. I think it shouldn’t matter whether or not you’re a boy or girl, being used unwillingly as a sex symbol is a violation of your privacy, and can be considered sexual harassment.

Let me tell you a brief story Alex: when I was seventeen, some of my photos were stolen off my private Instagram page and put on a porn site in a folder labelled “Teen Hotties”. The photos were of me on a beach (in a bikini) that was taken when I was in Sarnia visiting my Gramma. I posted those photos online for my friends to see and I had a stranger steal them for sexual gratification. The best part is that I was underage. The police told me that because I had posted the photo online (even though it was on a private site) there was nothing to be done.

Alex, I had never felt more violated in my entire life.

The worst part was that I knew that there were men looking at a photo of me as they pleasured themselves. I felt disgusting and dirty and to be honest I hated myself for ever posting that picture for a long time.

I don’t know how you feel, but I can imagine you feel probably at least a little bit creeped out by all this unwanted attention.

So I’m sorry Alex. I’m sorry for everyone who commented on your photo because they believed that they could. I’m sorry for the girl who posted it who believed her actions were justified. I’m sorry you live in a society where if a girl sees a good looking guy, she can’t simply ask for his number but instead has to sneakily take photos of him to post online.

I’m just sorry, Alex.


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