10 Reasons Why Growing Up is the Worst Thing in the World

I normally don’t make lists because hey, I’m not Buzzfeed, but in this case I will make the exception…

1. Holidays lose their importance.
You stop trick or treating, you realize there’s no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny (actually, I’m still on the fence about those) and you realize that Valentines Day is just a ploy from chocolate stores. You may even stop spending quality time with your family, and that really sucks. You become drawn in by Black Friday sales while you forget to celebrate Thanksgiving like you used to, and we’re so busy watching Christmas specials at my house that we don’t even decorate our tree as a family anymore. When did holidays start losing their magic?

2. Life gets harder and harder until you die.
According to my grade nine English teacher that is. It’s true if you think about it; we’re born, we have a few years of freedom until “the system” forces us into kindergarden and grade school and high school and in most cases post-secondary school and sometimes even grad school and then we spend the rest of our lives miserably slaving away until we drop dead one day. Or we retire, whichever comes first.

3. You can’t act like a little kid anymore.
I was in No Frills yesterday after working a ten hour shift so I decided, “Hey, my feet hurt so I’m just going to sit down in my shopping cart for a minute”. After about ten awkward stares from people and one disgruntled employee telling me I was too big for the cart, I hopped out. I also get weird looks when I go to parks or watch an old Disney film – I even feel embarassed admitting that I still do those things when I honestly see nothing wrong with bringing up some nostalgia every once in a while.

4. You get to a point when you start to think you’re actually (gasp) an adult.
Sometimes I feel like I’m seven years old. And then I hang out with a couple of fifteen-year olds and suddenly I think I’m a complete grown up. (You know that scene in The Little Mermaid where Ariel screams, “I’m sixteen years old! I’m not a child”? Yeah, Ariel needs to shut her mouth, she’s practically an infant.)

5. Growing up means you need your own money, and lots of it.
Wow. My parents paid for my food, internet, clothes, hydro, water and activities for almost twenty years, and not that I’m starting to pay for it myself (which is why I have two jobs… more on that later) I’m starting to REALLY appreciate all of their generosity.

6. Getting jobs.
So I have two jobs, like I said before, so that I can save up to get a car that I will then use to take me to these two jobs. Eventually, I will spend money on a house that I will never be in because I will be busy at work all day trying to pay off the bills from my house… Do you see anything wrong with this? I do.

7. Time goes by faster.
It’s a scientific fact that time goes by faster the longer you’ve been alive. I used to wait what feels like 10 years for the weekend to come around, and now I often forget what day it is. That reminds me, is today Sunday already? I honestly thought it was Wednesday for like half the day for some reason… Oops.

8. Friends start to vanish.
I have no time to paint my nails, let alone visit my pals at other universities. Me and my roommate have been planning on having breakfast together for well over a month now. The odds of this happening anytime soon are slim to none. Also relatable: you start to realize who your true friends are because the fake friends are the first to leave you.

9. Relationships and dating absolutely sucks.
I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year (thank God) but I’ve been lucky. All my friends who are new to the dating game absolutely hate it; when do you call? how often do you text? is it okay to see other people? etc. etc. etc. Meeting new people is also an issue because people these days happen to be anti-social freaks who prefer to post about their feelings anonymously online rather than confront the object of their affection (*HINT HINT* SPOTTED AT TRENT *HINT HINT*).

10. It’s scary as hell.
The sheer realization that your friends have started getting engaged or married or having kids or getting jobs or finding apartments or buying their first pet by themselves… This is going to be YOU pretty soon. It’s terrifying not knowing what the future will bring you, yet knowing you have certain expectations to live up to that are defined by your family, friends and society as a whole.

To conclude, yes growing up sucks. It’s hard and messy and it’s a complete whirlwind that will knock you on your back over and over again. But your future will also help to pick you up, and since I don’t want this to be completely depressing, here is a short list of ten reasons why growing up is actually kind of cool:

1. It’s actually nice being able to pay for your own things; it makes you value everything more.
2. Planning your future wedding/ graduation/ kid’s names/ pets etc. is amusing.
3. Hello alcohol.
4. (In relation to number three) hello clubs.
5. Your body has finally matured enough to look good in adult clothing, which is a million times nicer than children’s clothing.
6. Driving is faster than walking.
7. You can finally see rated R movies in theatres (without sneaking in).
8. Things like buying lottery tickets, voting, getting piercings/ tattoos and riding a bike without a helmet (which I wouldn’t recommend… Yeah, I kinda went over my handlebars yesterday morning).
9. You can memorize song lyrics better.
10. (My favourite) you hate to admit it, but you feel slightly more superior to everyone younger than you.

So I guess growing up isn’t so bad… It just takes getting used to. That’s okay though, you literally have your whole life to get used to it.


One thought on “10 Reasons Why Growing Up is the Worst Thing in the World”

  1. Love this, probably one of the most accurate lists I’ve read lately! I’m also glad you ended it on a positive note before I became depressed and started thinking about how much growing up sucks xD You should write more lists, seems like they’d be even better than Buzzfeed’s ;p

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