Take Aways – What You Need to Know for the Election

Take Aways – What You Need to Know for the Election

Tara Henley

June 9, 2014


  1. The turnout number can drastically alter the results. This should go without saying, but few people realize the importance of their vote, and therefore do not bother to venture to the voting booths set up. If the majority of the province you are in decides they want a Liberal leader yet they do not decide to vote because “one vote won’t make a difference”, then they are essentially saying that they would rather be led by someone whose beliefs they don’t share than to take an hour of their time to vote. Less and less citizens vote with each passing election, and the majority of the country’s views are not being seen. It is important to not only vote, but to make an educated decision on whom you vote for. It doesn’t take long to research the different political platforms for each party.
  2. Few people know about the option of declining your ballot. If you have done your research and decide that while you care about the province’s next leader, you do not like any of the chosen candidates. This shows that you have made an informed decision, even if it means you are voting for no one. The option to decline your ballot has the potential of getting more people to the voting booths, which is greatly needed in a province like Ontario where less than half of all eligible voters actually cast their votes.
  3. This year’s race seems to be between the Liberals and the Conservatives. The Liberals, it seems, keep making promises with little proof that they will be able to keep them. Kathleen Wynne is trying to convince Ontario that she and the rest of the Liberal government were not responsible for many of the “fiascos” that occurred while Liberals sat in government. Meanwhile, Tim Hudak will most likely no longer be the tory leader if he loses this election. He made himself infamous with his “million job plan” that went completely downhill. Many people believe that the math for his plan is incorrect on many levels, especially because he is planning of firing 100,000 public sector workers. Horwath’s NDP party has, according to the general public, been unprepared and disorganized from the start. The race is definitely between the Tories and the Liberals, and every vote counts.
  4. The Liberal Party is strongly supportive of gay marriage, abortion rights and immigration. Liberals typically focus spending on the education system, which is why students often tend to be “left-winged”. The New Democratic Party favours higher tax rates for large corporations and the wealthy and has strong ties to organized labour, particularly public sector units (teachers, nurses, government employees). The Progressive Conservative Party has strong respect for traditional values and favours military spending. They are officially “neutral” on gay marriage and abortion rights, but many oppose both.
  5. Not all Canadian parties are represented in elections. For example, the Libertarian Party does not run in various areas. This is another reason why declining your ballot is an important option to have. For many, the political party they support will not be represented in the upcoming election. Even if their party is being represented, you may not like the leader. It is thus important for you to base your vote not only on the political party you support, but also on the individual that will be leading your province or country. Even if you feel as though there are no political parties that support your views, it is still important to vote because you will be voicing your opinions by saying you do not wish for these leaders to be in charge.

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