Sample of a Brief

1 – New laws limiting the ownership of guns will not discourage career criminals from handgun possession, says a recent survey conducted by the Department of Justice.

The survey found most criminals are unaffected by stricter gun laws. When the department questioned long-term prisoners, it found most criminals obtain their weapons through either theft or under-the-counter deals. Only a small number of criminals legally acquired their handgun through legitimate retail outlets.

The department surveyed 1,874 men serving time for felonies in 11 state prisons. Three out of four men interviewed said they would expect little or no trouble if they tried to purchase a handgun after their release.


2 –

After murdering two restaurant employees, the longest sentence ever given to anyone in Ontario was administered to Thomas C. Ahl in Circuit Court today.

Ahl pleaded guilty last week to avoid the death penalty. Instead, he was sentenced to two life terms, plus 300 years. Ahl, 24, will be an elderly man by the time he is considered for parole.

The judge overseeing Ahl’s trial explained that Ahl had a history of violence and brutality. The public deserves to be protected from Ahl, says the judge.

There had been no reason to kill the two employees, Ahl admitted. They were not resisting him in any way.


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