ET Canada and Global News Article

First shot at writing and article in the style of the “inverted pyramid”. Enjoy!

ET Canada and Global News Article – Inverted Pyramid
Tara Henley
June 5, 2014


            Good writing skills are the key to landing any job in the news industry, two familiar faces on television working at Global News said.

           Global News anchor Leslie Roberts and Entertainment Tonight Canada host Roz Weston both firmly believe that an English background is necessary in the journalism field.

            “Be a bloody good writer,” Weston told a group of aspiring journalists from the Trent-Loyalist journalism program when they visited Global News headquarters this past Tuesday. “That will keep you employed.”


            In the event of layoffs, someone who can write incredibly well will remain employed since their skills are transferable to any job in the newsroom, the ET Canada host went on to explain.

          “Learn styles [of writing]. Learn every style, even styles you hate,” Weston also advised the students.

          By learning multiple writing styles, you are further expanding on your talents as a journalist and are therefore more likely to be hired, Weston continued.

            Weston’s coworker, Leslie Roberts, couldn’t agree more. When the university students asked Roberts what he believed the most important skill a journalist could have is, he did not hesitate to say, “ An English background”.

            He continued by then telling the students about how he believes journalists should also pay attention to not only what their coworkers publish, but other news companies as well.

“The minute you stop watching others is the minute you stop learning,” Roberts explained.

Getting and keeping jobs in this industry is a lot of work, Roberts told the journalism class. Perseverance and hard work can determine whether or not you make it in this field, and your ability to write is a big part of that.


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