Take Aways – ET Canada and Global News

Take Aways – ET Canada and Global News

Tara Henley

June 4, 2014


  1. According to Global News anchor Leslie Roberts, who the JOPB students at Loyalist College had the chance of meeting yesterday, one of the most important skills budding journalists need to know is to think on their feet. There is more of a demand for multiple mediums in the industry, meaning a journalist should be adaptable and able to multitask. When a person is able to perform a variety of tasks in the newsroom, they have more of a chance at being hired than someone lacking those skills because they have the potential of being transferable into different positions in the newsroom.
  2. When applying to jobs in newsrooms, or anywhere in the journalism field, Leslie Roberts believes that perseverance is the key to being hired. “Don’t be discouraged by closed doors,” he told students yesterday. He continued to tell the students that one thing they need to do before submitting their resume anywhere is to personalize it in accordance to the place they will potentially be hired at. Find out what the station, or the person doing the hiring, is looking for and give it to them. The more persistent you are, the more likely you will be remembered.
  3. Regardless of your job in the journalism industry, it is important to remain grounded and humble. Roberts used an analogy of a postman delivering mail; he is the postman and the mail he is delivering is the news. The postman may be well liked by the public, but he or she can easily be replaced whereas the mail, or news, cannot. Another tip Roberts gave to the students was to always watch other news channels or read other newspapers and see how they present the news. “The minute you’re number one, you stop trying,” he said and then suggested that journalists continue to expand their knowledge even after they have been hired so that they will always be able to continue their learning.
  4. Both Leslie Roberts and Roz Weston, the host of Entertainment Tonight Canada, believe that studying English is incredibly important in the journalism field, regardless of your position. Weston informed students that being well versed in writing is the greatest skill a journalist could ever have. In the event of layoffs, the writers will always have a greater chance of remaining at the company because they are able to do so many different jobs. Roberts also told students that one of the best things they could do to enhance their journalism skills is to read on a regular basis to improve their writing.
  5. When Leslie Roberts was asked what the most important thing about reporting the news was, he replied, “Being right, not first”. The viewers are investing trust into the news station or newspaper they are receiving their information from, and if you sacrifice that trust for the sake of being the first ones to report a story, you will pay for it in viewers. Being inaccurate happens a lot in the journalism field which is why it is always highly recommended that you check your information from two to three independent sources before publishing it anywhere, including social media. One source simply isn’t enough and information is faked and falsified all the time. If you get ahold of a bad source and publish what they say as truth, you aren’t doing your job as a journalist and the public will lose trust in you.

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