Shelf of Supplements – Poetry

there is a shelf of supplements in my heart

where i store the little things

that keep me going without you:

the song you sung to me 

as we drove to the beach that one time,

the rock you gave me 

because you said

the colour matched my hair,

the lucky penny we found

while tripping over our own feet,

the tears i cried when you told me

we couldn’t go back in time,

the words i wrote in pen

that you probably threw away,

that time you said you loved me 

subtly, like a whisper,

the promises you gave away like spare change

only to blink and forget them,

and the moments when i’d look at you and think

“i love him more than i love myself”.


i keep these safe in the confines of my heart

until i’m finally able to let you go

and live my life drug-free. 

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