In-Depth Article Sample (FAKE)

In-Depth Police Release Article

Friday, May 16, 2014

By Tara J. Henley


            Three local men have been charged with attempted robbery and attempted breaking and entering thanks to Belleville police constable, Dudley Fudbucker.

            Andy Clarke, Media Spokesperson for the Belleville Police has stated in a press conference this mourning that thirty-three year old Frank Quavers was arrested last night along with two of his accomplices, Thomas Kyte, forty-four and Lyle Louvin, forty-five. The three men were caught digging a tunnel in a building under renovation that is beside the Bank of Nova Scotia on Front Street. The tunnel leads almost all the way to the bank’s vault, and as far as police know, this operation had been taking place for several weeks.

            According to the official police release, Constable Fudbucker heard suspicious noises coming from the building under renovation late last night as he was walking back to his car while on his regular patrol.

“I had the feeling something was not right,” says Constable Dudley Fudbucker when asked to describe how he felt when he first heard the noises coming from a building that should have been empty. “I had a feeling like my spider senses [were] tingling”. Fudbucker says that the unusual sensation he felt intensified when he met up with Kyte, who was standing at the back of the building having a smoke. Kyte refused to answer any of Fudbucker’s questions adequately, so the constable called for backup.

Constables Janice Mackey and Alan Christer arrived on the scene shortly after that according to Fudbucker. “I have to credit Dudley,” Christer said earlier today. “That was terrific instincts on his part”. Christer then goes on to describe how Mackey and Fudbucker apprehended the other two men in the building, Quavers and Louvin, while he waited outside. Louvin, who was found in the tunnel, threatened Fudbucker with an electric drill before being subdued by the two officers, and is now facing additional charges.

Quavers, who is already known by police according to Clarke, worked for Tremblay Renovations, the renovating company in charge of the building’s restoration. It is unclear if any other members of Tremblay Renovations are involved with the heist, however police say that there are definitely more people involved.

“I’m devastated,” said Fred Tremblay, owner of Tremblay Renovations. Tremblay stated earlier that he had known Quavers for roughly a year, and was willing to hire him despite his past involving breaking and entering and small robbery. “You try and give a guy a break and this is what happens […] I’m a good guy in a horrible situation”.

Adrian Bax, the owner of the building under renovations, is also stunned. He claims the basement was not meant to be under renovation, and speculates the reason the heist went unnoticed for so long is because very few people had access to the basement.

Tony Donatucci, the overseer of the renovations is currently being questioned by the police, and had no comment.

Both Clarke and Fudbucker consider the tunnel to be “impressive”. “I’m six feet tall,” said Fudbucker when asked to describe the tunnel. “And I had to hunch, so I’d say the tunnel itself was about five feet tall, about eighteen feet long and (…) narrow”. Fudbucker speculates that the men charged were less than a week away from breaking into the bank’s vault.

Shirley Bassey in charge of the Bank of Nova Scotia’s Media Relations released a statement earlier today to assure the public that the bank is reviewing their current security situation.


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