Community Development Council of Quinte (CDC of Quinte)

Community Development Council of Quinte (CDC of Quinte)

Wednesday, May 13, 2014

By Tara J. Henley


What is it?

The Community Development Council of Quinte, or the CDC of Quinte, was founded in 1989. It is a non-profit, charitable organization that was designed as a means to promote provisions of health and social services as well as future planning for residents in the Quinte region.



What does it do?

This organization is supposed to assist residents of the Quinte region by providing them with life necessities such as water to grow their own garden plot, fresh fruits and vegetables and infant/ child supplies for new families. The CDC of Quite participates and promotes the development of a “grassroots community” that is of natural creation and supports the local party through regional volunteers. This organization aspires to developing a social planning process using a self-help approach to identifying and eventually resolving community issues brought up. This means that the region will become self-aware of occurring issues and act accordingly in order to resolve these issues as a community.



How is it funded?

Personal donations online are accepted on a regular basis. This is a non-profitable organization, so none of the money donated will go towards anything a donator is unaware of. By donating $1 per week, a person will be paying for water supply for one growing season for one garden plot, allowing a family to grow their own fresh vegetables. By donating $5 per week, a person will be paying for a monthly distribution for one large Good Food Box filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, most of which are locally grown, that is enough to feed a family of four. When someone donates $10 per week, it is enough to provide a weekly supply of diapers, baby food and cereal for one baby or infant. Personal donations are not the only way to support the CDC of Quinte, however; companies and organizations can host golf tournaments to sponsor the organization, as well as host baby food drives, donate baby items such as food and diapers and even donate gas cards for families struggling to afford the cost of commuting to jobs.




Why does it matter?

The Community Development Council of Quinte is designed for the sole purpose of helping those less fortunate. Local families who cannot afford the luxuries that middle or upper class families often take for granted are the beneficiaries of a donator’s money. Just one dollar every week makes a large difference in the lives of one family. Not only are local families positively affected, but also the local environment as well through the promotion of locally grown food through the CDC of Quinte. The overall well being of different families furthermore contributes to the overall well-being of the community in whole.



Office – 613-968-2466

Fax – 613-968-2251

65 Station St., Belleville, ON.

K8N 256


You can directly contact Ruth Ingersoll, Jim Mallabar and Bev Heuving on the CDC of Quinte’s official website under “About Us” and “Contact”. Here is a link:


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